Image processing

At Harms & Wende QST, you have extensive monitoring options available. Our spectrum of services ranges from the quality monitoring of the welding parameters – power, voltage, resistance, force and distance – to the optical inspection and component documentation. Thereby, image processing can be undertaken completely separate from the welding process. Your process – at a glance.


The necessary components for your optical quality monitoring are determined by our specialists through preliminary investigations and compiled individually. A good optical inspection is always dependent on the best possible selection and the interplay of lighting, camera and evaluation algorithms. The necessary preliminary investigations are carried out by us, in-house, in order to develop and build a suitable image processing cell.



Optical inspection of solar modules
Optical inspection of joining parts


Our software PQS Vision offers an optical component evaluation. Thus, you can monitor your entire production process and document the results completly.


In addition to an integral component evaluation, effective production processes can be thus realized, a fast process capability can be achieved, as well as a complete documentation with a focus on the component.



Example of application for surface and position control with Sherlock software

This makes it possible to fully recognize optical inspection criteria, such as welding sprays, positioning errors or surface damage and can be sorted out immediately. More information about our image processing solutions can be found under the category >Optical inspection<.