Process & quality assurance system (PQS)

Our specialty is represented by the quality assurance through process monitoring. Our spectrum of services ranges from micro joining in the field of electronics production to the large-scale production of auto bodies. We attach particular importance to the comprehensive monitoring of the components, through the linking of the monitoring of process parameters with the optical evaluation of the component properties. Our process specialists and experts, from the field of software and hardware development, analyze your tasks with precision and accompany you in the implementation of the jointly-developed solution.

Our concept is divided into the following points:


• Analysis of the current process


• Provision of optimization tools


• Verification of process capability


• Inline monitoring


• Documentation of the monitoring results








Fields of application for our PQS monitoring

• Spot welding

• Projektion Welding

• Small parts joining

• Capacitor discharge (CD)



• Alternating current (AC)

• Direct current (DC)

• Medium frequency (MF)

• High frequency (HF)



Measured value acquisition



The PQS process monitoring can be integrated using the Genius welding control from Harms & Wende. For this application, the “PQS-ready” option is required, as well as software license.




Our QUADRIGO measuring modules can be used for other welding controllers available on the market. These can be flexibly integrated into existing systems and retrofitted. They are ideal for installation in switch cabinets. In accordance with the respective task, the modules are available for one to maximum two measurement points. Thus, one can measure and monitor maximum two joining processes, with the four measured values (power, voltage, force and distance) at the same time. The operation and archiving of the data will take place with the help of a PC.



Further information regarding our PQS quality assurance you can find in the documents from >download-area<.