Optical inspection

The individual component control, in order to ensure your quality requirements, tailored to your application. A successful optical inspection of your application can take place only with specifically chosen hardware, particularly relevant being the camera and lighting. Competence, know-how and a large portfolio of suitable hardware solutions guarantee the best possible monitoring quality for your application. Allow yourself to be advised by our experts, with regard to a suitable choice and the solution concept. As an advantage for the user, an integral evaluation of the component will take place. Thus, this enables a secure and fast process capability.



Areas of application

  • Splash recognition
  • Position control
  • Outline detection
  • Surface inspection
  • Position detection
  • Identification 
  • Colour recognition
  • Completeness check 
  • Welding and soldering points recognition
Example of application with Sherlock

Our concept is divided into the following points:

  • Stable and consistent control of the components
  • Process support and optimization 
  • Data recording for quality management
  • Flexible adjustment of the application through various access possibilities
  • Geometrical component monitoring
  • Linking with  PQS monitoring possible
  • Monitoring of the component location and structure, e.g. for stud and welding nuts
  • Subsequent implementation in existent systems possible
  • Numerous areas of application

Further information regarding our optical inspection you can find in the documents in > Downloads <.