Our process and quality assurance system (PQS) offers to you the complete inline monitoring of your welding process.


With the software packages for spot and projection welding, capacitor discharge welding as well as small parts welding, there are products available, which meet the special requirements of the respective welding processes. The basic settings, visualizations and evaluations are thereby aligned to the corresponding welding processes.


With the use of the process & quality assurance system (PQS) software package, in conjunction with the QUADRIGO measuring module or the Harms & Wende GENIUS welding controllers, you are optimally placed in the position, of being able to achieve process analysis, process optimization and quality assurance for your system. The improvement of the process capability and system availability can lead to cost reduction whereas the production is concerned.




Focal points of the PQS funcionalities:

  • Recording of process values - power, voltage, resistance, power, force and distance
  • Extensive possibilities for signal representation, also comparative over long periods of time, enable rapid error analysis
  • Online monitoring of parameters with immediate error report for process deviations
  • Analysis of the current process stability
  • Long-term data storage and documentation
  • Possibility of recording, respectively taking over, external test results
  • Operation and data recording are separable from one another and can be executed on different PCs
QUADRIGO MM 1000 and MM 2000
MM 1000



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