Small parts joining


The small parts welding is a resistance welding process, with its own distinctive features. Different material combinations or also small batch sizes place high demands on the welding technology.

For your requirements regarding the respective joining task, Harms & Wende QST offers economical and tailor-made solutions and, therefore, sees itself as partner for your welding process.


At our in-house laboratory, we conduct welding tests, in order to fine tune your process. Trainings, process analyses and optimizations are also part of our range of services.

For a sucessful implementation of you joining taks, we rely on the following components:

Control technology from Harms & Wende

Harms & Wende offers to you, as specialist in the field of resistance welding, controllers for the micro joining technology. The portfolio includes welding controllers of 50 Hz (AC), 1 kHz (MF) or 10 kHz (HF).




Quality assurance for your micro joining process

For the process reliability of your joining process, our process and quality assurance system PQS Micro enables comprehensive analysis, evaluation and monitoring functions, as well as a complete documentation.

Software PQS micro

Advice regarding the selection of the welding head

As a system provider in micro welding, Harms & Wende QST can offer you its own welding heads for your joining task. With the support of our partners KombiTec, EKS Keller and Technax, we have a big portfolio of welding heads.

Welding head