Welding laboratory

Small parts welding laboratory

Our new welding laboratory was especially designed for the field of small parts welding. The equipment includes iSpot and Primus controllers, which have been especially developed for this field, as well as various welding heads from our partners. In this way, it is possible to carry out preliminary examinations at HWH QST (in-house) and, thus, to verify the weldability of your joints.



The content of our preliminary examinations:

  • Feasibility study corresponding to the requirements of special joining tasks and to the task description
  • Selection of suitable components, such as the welding heading, welding controller, electrodes
  • Manufacturing and construction of suitable devices for the welding tests
  • Execution of the welding tests of a HWH QST employee
  • Determination of the welding area for the corresponding joining task
  • Evaluation and forwarding of an examination report to the client

Welding laboratory

In addition to the small parts welding laboratory, we also have a spot and projection welding machine, as well as spot welding gun.



spot welding gun
projektion and spot welding machine