Process support

Given our wide experience with regard to demanding customer applications and our modern monitoring technology, it is possible to analyze and optimize your welding processes, in case of various problems.

Process analysis

A thorough investigation and analysis of your joining processes is the first step. This reveals any possible weaknesses and potential for improvement. The information thus acquired is used to draft a comprehensive report and targeted improvement proposals based on it.



Content of our analysis:

  • Inspection of the production facilities.
  • Visual inspection of the production facilities helping to find faults of the equipment.
  • A mobile PQS measuring system collects data and analyses the actual process situation.
  • Parameter checking.
  • Quality inspection of the produced components.
  • Summarizing the results in a report including proposals for process optimizing.

      Process optimization

      The improvement measures are then applied on the basis of the process analysis.
      This includes both parameterization and proof of the product and process quality reached.
      A detailed report is made out to document success.


      Content of our optimization:

        • Implementing concrete optimizing measures after a thorough process analysis by QST company.
        • Testing of new set parameters and modifications of the technical settings.
        • Proof of the obtained process and product quality in a detailed status report.  

        Remote maintenance

        Through the usage of remote maintenance software, we offer to you the possibility to contribute, very promptly and cost-effectively, to optimization measures and questions regarding commissioning or troubleshooting.


        We also offer individually customized remote maintenance contracts.