HWH Welding Controllers

Harms & Wende stands for innovative welding technology for more than 70 years.

The Harms & Wende QST has assumed the regional representation of the Harms & Wende Group in East Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The central location allows customers to be served, quickly and reliably. In our competence center, in addition to service tasks, we also undertake the development of new products or special adaptations to the tasks or environments of our customers. You can obtain additional information on the subject from the homepage of Harms & Wende.

Overview of our welding controllers:


The flexible control system for spot and projection welding applications


Individual fitting and adaptable range of functions
(basic, professional, hand)

Maximum output power between 400 A and 3500 A
3 current impulse times
(preheating, main current and after-heating time)
PC visualization through the user interface
XPegasus / XComand
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The compact welding controller for your welding machine in case of spot, projection and seam welding

Welding controller with control unit
Usable at grid frequency (50/60 Hz), medium frequency and high frequency, with the respective individual operation
Offline parameterization and data output by means of USB stick
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Complete automation solution with the SINIUS welding processors

Individual operation and variable service generation
PLC-based visualization
Variable data exchange, networking and cascading,

Interlinking of different power profiles

Integrated measuring system for the recording of all welding-relevant data
Usable at grid frequency (50/60 Hz), medium frequency and high frequency

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The simple and intuitive welding controller, to be used for resistance welding and soldering of small parts

High control rate (10, respectively 15 kHz)
Capacitor discharge mode (power control)

Soldering mode (temperature control)

Compact design, well-suited for manual workstations and partially automated systems

PC software for operation and data storage

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The universal welding system for resistance welding and soldering, optimized for usage on small parts

Comprehensive monitoring with warning and intervention limits
Innovative process regulation and logical process control

Integration of up to 4 welding heads, respectively welding guns

Modular program design 

Analysis of power, voltage, performance, energy, force, distance, temperature, time

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