Welding heads

Advice regarding the selection of your welding head

As a system provider in micro welding, Harms & Wende QST can offer you its own welding heads for your joining task. With the support of our partners KombiTec, EKS Keller and Technax, we have a big portfolio of welding heads.

Use the flexibility of the Harms & Wende QST and get advice from our experts regarding the suitable welding head for your joining task. Our portfolio includes single and double welding heads, but also devices for processing of cords.  There is also the option of using compacting tools. We are also able to put together a package for you with the combination of welding control and welding head.

Welding heads / gun from Harms & Wende QST

Welding head SKF-600


Welding head SKF-1000


Welding gun SZ-400


Our partners:

EKS Peter Keller GmbH