Manual workplaces

We are able to compile you a manual workplace for your welding application, which includes a welding controller, a welding head and other required components. We offer you different versions. 



Our manual workplaces could be configured with different dimensions and for work activities (sitting or standing version).



Depth: 750mm

Width: variable (1.200mm // 1.500mm)

Working height: variable (780mm // 1.040mm)

Height: variable (max.2.100mm)



Infoboards of metal

Holding fixture for storage boxes

Current supply 230V

Work place lightning from above


Additional options:


Option roll oder pedestal

Operating via footswitch or two-hand control panel

Storage boxes

Protective support for tabletop

Pneumatic unit (depends on hardware)

Touch-PC with Vesa-mount (techn. data on request)

Cooling device (pressureless, 230V)

PQS-monitoring (PC necessary)

Sample photos of our manual work places:

Manual work place with iSpot
Manual work place with Primus