Welding head SKF-1000

The welding heads of the series SKF-1000 are suitable for joining applications with a force range of up to 1000N. The welding heads are delivered standard with a pre-selected power cylinder (including power spring), which can be flexibly exchanged depending on the application. More information you find in our product flyer.




Selected technical data: 


Stator design with secondary connector and water distributor


Selectable with 2 different force springs:


                            Force spring 1 green / app. 200 - 1.000N at 6bar


                            Force spring 2 blue / app. 300 - 1.500N at 6bar


 • Force setting manual adjustable with scale housing and milled screw


        or pneumatic with force adjust cylinder


 • Compressed air supplay min. 6bar up to max. 7bar


Weight app. 37kg