Welding head SKF-600

The welding heads of the series SKF-600 are suitable for joining applications with a force range of up to 600N. The welding heads are delivered standard with a pre-selected power cylinder (including power spring), which can be flexibly exchanged depending on the application. More information you find in our product flyer




Welding head SKF-600

Selected technical data:


Stator design with secondary connector and water distributor


Selectable with 6 different force springs


                            Force spring 1 green= app. 15 - 65N at 6bar


                            Force spring 2 blue = app. 25 - 120N at 6bar


                            Force spring 3 red = app. 30 - 175N at 6bar


                            Force spring 4 yellow = app. 50 - 280N at 6bar


                            Force spring 5 red = app. 160 - 400N at 6bar


                            Force spring 6 yellow = app. 120 - 660N at 6bar



Force setting manual adjustable with scale housing and milled screw


        or pneumatic with force adjust cylinder


Compressed air supplay min. 6bar up to max. 7bar


Weight app. 10kg